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Q. Is there a maximum number of people?

A. Yes, it is limited to the number of beds available. This unit can sleep 6 on beds. More comfortably 4 adults and 2 children, but any combination up to 6 will work.

Q. What time is check out?

A. Check-out is at 10 AM, sometimes you can check out a little later(no later than Noon), if there is no new guests coming that day. After making reservations and just before your arrival date you can call an ASK. If you want to stay an extra day or so, contact us or book online to see if it is available.

Q. Can I bring pets?

A. Sorry no pets are allowed at this resort. Why not, give them a vacation and have them boarded instead of cooped up inside the room. We recommend . Also check out this important blog for Pet Adoption THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PET ADOPTION: SNEAK PREVIEW

Q. Is this a beach resort?

A. Yes, we have two resorts one has has it’s own private beach via a 5-6 minute walk down our private gated wildlife boardwalk, or take the 2 minute golf shuttle ride. Schedule is shown at both ends of the dock. The other resort is just steps from the white sandy beaches.