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Jeff and Joan Kroeger









“We strive at providing the most elegant stay at our beautiful Hilton Head Resort Condos at unbelievable and unbeatable prices to make sure that you truly have an Unforgettable Paradise vacation. We want our guests to really enjoy themselves while staying at our condos, so we offer free activities included with your stay. As an Xplorie Participating Property Unforgettable Paradise now provides FREE admission to some of the areas most popular attractions every day of your stay.

Jeff and Joan Kroeger have been married for 29 years and both have shared a dream of owning properties all over the world and sharing with people just like you to enjoy. Jeff has lived in Georgia since 1987, he grew up north, in Ohio. Joan grew up in the Philippines, but has lived in the US since she was fourteen. They both have been in real estate for a little over 12 years. Jeff and Joan are a true entrepreneur and investor owning and starting companies including retail clothing, restaurant, online businesses and real estate companies. Whether you are vacationing in Hilton Head or destinations in Georgia or the Philippines we have a lot to offer. Check back often has we build our portfolio to include properties in other parts of the world.